Collective transports, also called additional loads, are worthwhile for the dispatch of individual freight items. We transport freight items up to max. 100 Kg. We do not carry transports of vehicles, machines, motorcycles.

You have a single or multiple pieces of furniture to be transported from one place to another?
You have moving goods and would like to ship them within Germany (except islands) or Austria?
Celik Transporte offers affordable solutions for everyone.
Cheap transports of individual freight within Berlin and Germany.
Contact us today via the contact button or by email.

You will receive a no-obligation quotation.

         Telefon(AM) :  +49 (0) 30 417 610 40
       WhatsApp     :  +49 (0) 172 398 20 97
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       Adresse       :  Eichborndamm 129-139, 13403 Berlin


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